Red Torch

Torch is an artist that represents the best of dance music. No stranger to a packed dance floor or the top of a chart, he continues to push himself as a musician and as an individual in this ever evolving industry. Born and bred under the Californian sun and now producing in the party capital that is Las Vegas, Torch has had the opportunity to share his musical talent with countless fans across America and build a reputation as a performer with the ability to play a set that breaks the rules of genre confinements and musical constraints. As an artist with unparalleled instrumental knowledge, Torch is looking to the future with an ear to the ground and a hand on the console. With a repertoire of music that spans from Neo-Soul and Funk to Electro and EDM, his upcoming productions involve musical elements mastered by few and loved by all. The ability to produce music that takes you back in time whilst showing you the future is something Torch has developed over his years in the studio and is something he can’t wait to share. With a smooth approach to the sound he delivers, Torch has proven that he is an artist that is always inspired. As times change and the world of music moves forward there is one thing we never forget, Torch is always one beat ahead.