Red Torch

DJ Torch is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with an extensive catalog of sounds rooted within influences such as Cameo, R.Kelly, and Prince. This explains his eclectic sound which encompasses genres of Neo-soul, Funk, Electronic, R&B, and Urban styles. He is known for his unique ability to recognize exactly what a crowd needs, and he delivers. DJ Torch is set to release his latest compilation ‘Love Goes Round’ in October 15, 2014.

DJ Torch has always loved the concept of making music. From his beginnings putting together mix tapes while using an on Teac cassette deck to using old school industrial gear to learn to scratch, he has always been on top of the game. After all, mastering the deepest level of groove takes time and a lot of work, which DJ Torch has always put forth on his journey to be the best.
All of this work that he has done to hone his art has gone far in his ability to throw and control the wildest parties. However, he knows that having the right atmosphere is the most important part of keeping any party from sputtering out. That is where his unique ability to read the crowd comes in. DJ Torch knows what the people want and how to give it to them in the best way possible.
While some musicians will jump straight into the heaviest and best music, DJ Torch uses a method of building up to the best part of the act. This keeps the crowd engaged all the while he is building his hype to the point where the crowd comes roaring back in waves. DJ Torch is always able to take the crowd to an entire other level. The highest gets higher, and the best gets even better at every show he oversees.
A Varied Background
One of the things that make DJ Torch high on the list of the best names in the DJ music business is the fact that he has a heavily varied musical background. Many people before him have only focused their background in rap and hip-hop. However, DJ Torch has learned a little bit of everything, allowing him to mix and blend sounds in a way that gets the best emotional energy from the crowd every time.
Among the types of music that DJ Torch can bring and blend in his shows are Funk, Deep Soul, House, Trance, Techno, Pop, and even Classical Synths that will keep the crowd going as long as he wants.

When DJ Torch is not slaking the musical thirst of the crowds that come out to see him, he is busy working as a music producer. He works with other young talent to create original pieces that bend the line between old and new, in search of his next big success in the industry.