DJ Torch-Upcoming Release ‘Love Goes Round’: A Coveted Blend of Party-Perfect Sounds -Music Review :-)

Thumbing through the most recent catalogs of music we came across a multi-talented artist that goes by the name of DJ Torch. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, DJ Torch is introducing music fans to an endless scope of diverse styles and a host of party-ready hits. He is currently sitting comfortably at the #4 spot on the Reverbnation Music Charts in Las Vegas and he has a growing fan-base of followers awaiting the release of his coveted sounds. Though it often seems the once highly favored sounds of 90s R&B and hip hop have gone by the wayside, DJ Torch, on his upcoming release ‘Love Goes Round’ featuring Josiah Ruff, delivers this and so much more to a crowd of hungry music fans looking to consume the next great thing.

Listening to the title track “Love Goes Round Remix”, music lovers will be taken back to the soulful sounds and urban beats of yesterday, the ones that are highly regarded as timeless pieces of work, causing today’s music consumer to say “man, I remember that jam, they just don’t make music like that anymore”. It is true, when you are bored on a Friday night with no date standing outside, check out some YouTube videos of your favorite 90s artists, 112, Jodeci, R.Kelly, Ginuwine, and for sure you’ll find a conglomerate of 80s babies reminiscing about the songs that rouse up old feelings and pertinent moments in their life… musing about how new artists are missing that certain something. But, DJ Torch has evidently tapped into that “something” that not only appeals to earlier music fans, but to modern ones as well.

As a multi-instrumentalist, a rare find among music’s most recent pop products, DJ Torch is a master of sound. As a beat programmer, vocalist, producer, DJ, and singer-songwriter, he is traveling through a dense realm where he stands out as a bright star amidst a clouded soundscape. Although fans are likely to find some 90s R&B flavor, and hip-hop bass lines, DJ Torch touches a greater audience with his craft as he has mastered the art of Disco, Neo-soul, Funk, House, and even the ever-growing, international favorite Electronica. Described as a provider of the “ultimate party experience”, the Vegas music maker is poised to take music to a whole new level.

DJ Torch’s robust sound truly offers something for everyone. If you love the sound of urban R&B soul, you will definitely dig the song “Shake” featuring TreNation, reminiscent of a Jeremih track. For fans looking for an earlier style, they will gravitate toward the sound and feel of “I Don’t Know” featuring Josiah Ruff; the sounds of recording artists such as Joe will come to mind as smooth vocals are backed with nod-worthy instrumentals to produce a suave and seductive style. Contemporary music fans will also enjoy the track “Interlude” featuring Tia Gunz which emanates a classic hip-hop and R&B flavor that seems to always transcend time. Tia Gunz’ vocals are reminiscent to Amanda Perez and the track’s thick and heavy beat looms with resounding appeal. What will DJ Torch come up with next; the world awaits but in the meantime, check out his latest tracks now streaming on Reverbnation.

DJ Torch is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with an extensive catalog of sounds rooted within influences such as Cameo, R.Kelly, and Prince. This explains his eclectic sound which encompasses genres of Neo-soul, Funk, Electronic, R&B, and Urban styles. He is known for his unique ability to recognize exactly what a crowd needs, and he delivers. DJ Torch is set to release his latest compilation ‘Love Goes Round’ in October 15, 2014. Keep an ear to the streets and, for more information about DJ Torch, visit www.djtorch.com and check out the links below!

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