Torch Lays down the Grooves in Deejay Booth & Recording Studio in 2013

Torch is a longtime deejay who thrives on feeling the pulse of a crowded dance floor. In 2013, he makes the move from spinning others’ records to creating his own. Marvin, Bootsy, Cameo, Prince, Michael, and Earth Wind & Fire—the musical forces that forged one DJ Torch. Torch cut his teeth straight out of high school, making a name for himself in the Bay Area in clubs like Kimball’s Carnival, Cafe Echelon, Toons, and 30 Plus. His success in these clubs led to gigs working the crowds at comedy shows, warming up crowds for Daniel Dugar, Rodney Perry, Dijon, JDubb, and many others. “What makes a great DJ is their ability to use their skills and personality to connect with a crowd.” As a deejay, Torch is clear about what inspires him. “I have always been motivated by the energy I feel from listeners and other artists when they are feeling my grooves.” It is that same motivation that has spawned his original recordings. “The primary skill is not as much mixing as it is music selection. What good is mixing a song that people are not feeling? You need to have that “sixth sense,” that ability to read the crowd.” With a tentative release date in June 2013, The Album will contain a combination of EDM, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Funk. So far the tracks are all Torch’s, but there is likely to be some collaboration with artists from the Oakland Bay Area, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The first single is slated for a March 2013 release. You can hear some early mixes, including “This Song Reminds Me,” on DJ Torch’s Reverbnation Profile. DJ Torch has no plans to end his career as a deejay. But with the release of The Album, he hopes to create some of the same magic with his own music as he has experienced while spinning the songs of his idols. Look for The Album and DJ Torch tour dates throughout 2013 and beyond. 12.30.2012 – Wiley Koepp

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