Since an early age Torch has been drawn to music in an emotional way. As life went on he grew even closer by practicing his mixing skills on an old Teac cassette deck, when he was a child and then later on, honing those skills on the industry standard, Technics 1200 mkII. 

One of Torch’s greatest strengths lie in his ability to read a crowd and adapt to a genre and style that keeps the Party rockin’ and the club owners happy. In other words, Torch reads a crowd like Peyton Manning reads a defense. He makes his own changes to best fit the mood of the crowd and manipulates the music in a way that best serves the crowd and sells drinks. 

Torch has been exposed to a highly diverse selection of music, which even today influences both his original pieces to his  creative and versatile mixing styles. He enjoyed everything from his father’s favorite Classical pieces to Old School, RnB, Funk, EDM and 80’s rock. 

Torch began his Professional DJ career in the early 80’s as an Emcee/DJ for a roller skating team at a place called the Phase III in Fremont, CA. He later on took his mixing skills to Oakland where he established a residency in Jack London Square at a place called “Uppy’s where he gave the patrons a heavy dose of Old School RnB & Vintage Hip Hop such as Luther Vandross, Sugarhill gang, Zapp ft. Roger, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, The Barkays, Cameo, Michael Jackson, Kraftwerk, Run DMC, Dougie Fresh, Earth, Chic, Wind & Fire to mention a few.. By this time Torch received a well earned reputation for being a creative, talented and hardworking DJ. The club gigs didn’t stop there! Torch began another residency in a larger busy club in Berkeley, California called Ruthies INN. Torch had an “open playlist” and fired up the packed crowds with 80s rock,SKa, RnB and Techno such as New Order, Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Prince, Madonna, The Scorpions,Michael Jackson. Spinning dance worthy sets between legendary bands, he kept the party hungry patrons dancing. After a successful residency at Ruthies in Torch transitioned into the Comedy entertainment industry as a DJ for comedy shows and the after party which followed each show. The show traveled everywhere from San Jose to Sacramento, including a weekly show at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA and as far up as Reno NV. Other residencies include Cafe Echelon, 30 Plus San Jose, Kimball’s Carnival Oakland and Sweet Jimmies in Oakland where he played mostly R&B, Hip Hop & Old School Jams all night. 

During his DJ career, Torch would write his own tasty grooves using Roland Keyboards and the super classic TR808 groove box. The Jams have a catchy and timeless flavor to them and can even today would be very welcome to a diverse crowd of Party people and music enthusiasts. 

In conclusion what sets Torch apart from other DJs is his relaxed personality, business sense, versatility and his ability to Emcee and Mix Effectively.